Large Ensemble

  • Three Sketches of Unblemished Earth for String Orchestra (2016)

Vocal Works

  • regeneration for soprano, piano, cello, viola, and waterphone (2014)


  • Lo I Approach You for a cappella double SATB chorus
  • The Magnificent Invention for soprano, piano, violin, cello, oboe, and clarinet


Chamber Works

  • Winterscapes for flute, cello, and vibraphone (2015)
  • The Cyclist: Perpetuo Mobile for Three Marimbas (2013)


  • String Quartet No. 1 (2012)


  • Woodwind Quintet No. 1 (2013)
  • Landscapes of Pre-Columbian America for flute and two cellos (2013)
  • Night Reflections for solo oboe (2013)


  • Journey Through An American Wilderness (Water, Woodlands Heights) for violin and piano (2013)


Works in the Popular Idiom

  • Polyphonic Precipitations for orchestra and synthesizers


  • The Outro for orchestra and prerecorded sounds


  • Daydreams for voice and piano


  • an untitled lullaby for voice, acoustic guitar, cello, percussion, and electronics


  • Lost at Sea for voice, piano, strings, and percussion


  • Leaves and Tea for voice and ukelele


  • the deal for solo banjo


  • “Jazz” for voice and piano and jazz band
  • Slipping Away for piano, percussion, strings, and acoustic guitar
  • The Intro (These Days In May) for voice, percussion, piano, and synthesizers
  • Left In Your Dust for voice, percussion, piano, and synthesizers
  • Anything to Change for voice, acoustic guitar, percussion, and synthesizers
  • Here to Stay for voice, acoustic guitar, cello, piano
  • A Game of Hide and Seek for voices, acoustic guitar, piano, cello, and woodblocks